Camping & Rental Rates

Cosmicampers - Camping & Stargazing Sites in Malaysia

3 Campground Areas

Venus (Beachfront) Campsite Marang Terengganu


Beachfront with the sea breeze, scorching heat in the day, and chilly at night.



A slightly shaded and at the poolside area.

Neptune (Shaded patio area) Campsite Marang Terengganu


Shaded patio area.

Fee includes:

  • Campground, Toilets, Showers, Swimming Pool, Hammocks,
  • Amenities: Tap Water and Electricity (Power sockets), Freezer ( food storage).

Please bring your own tents, fly sheets, floor mats, ropes, tent pegs, sleeping bags/pillows, air-beds, toiletries, toilet tissue, a supply of water, electrical gadgets, headlamp/torchlight, mosquito repellant, cooking & eating utensils, and garbage bags.

Campsite ground
- RM80 per plot/per tent/max 3pax.
- Additional camper RM40 per pax.
- Inclusive plug point for phone charging.
- Children 1 to 7 yrs = Free.
- Children 8 to 12 yrs = RM20 per pax

- Solo campers: RM50 per plot/tent/night.
- Long term stay negotiable. (Beyond 7 days)

- Group campers: RM100 per plot/night.
- 2 tents per plot allowed. Max campers 8 People.
- Additional camper RM40 per night.
Motorhomes / Campervan / Rooftop Tents / Vanlife
RM100 per vehicle/night/2pax.
Inclusive of electricity for vehicle.
Additional camper RM40 per pax.
Flysheet with poles & ropes
RM30 per day
Floor Mat / Footprint
RM20 per day
Camping Utensils (Stove, Gas, Pan & Messtin)
RM40 per day
Binoculars Boshiren 10x42mm x2
RM30 per day (deposit RM100)
Wire Mesh Tent for solo camper
RM70 (Campsite inclusive)
Tent for 4 persons
RM110 per day (Campsite inclusive)
Family Tent with 2 Bedroom for 4 persons
RM140 per day (Campsite inclusive)
Single Tent + flysheet(ropes) + floor mat
RM100 per day (Campsite inclusive)
Tent for 4 + flysheet(ropes) + floor mat
RM140 per day (Campsite inclusive)
Family Tent + flysheet(ropes) + floor mat
RM170 per day (Campsite inclusive)